We love to celebrate at IHS and we love when our students come to school. So why not reward our students for coming! Studies show that if you come to school you are more likely to graduate! And we love when our students graduate.

To celebrate our students coming to school we came up with some attendance incentives.

Everyday students come to school they get a point. They can save up their points to buy something at our school store. These prizes range from chips and drinks to gaming controllers and amazon gift cards!

We also have a BBQ at the end of each hex to honor those who have 80% attendance and above. Chris Miller prepares steak, ribs, pork, brisket and more! It is so good and a lot of fun to be invited to a BBQ.

If you have 100% attendance at the end of the hex you will also get a gift card and a take and bake pizza to bring home to your family!

And last but not least everyday there is a drawing for a $5 amazon gift card daily. If the person called is here for 1st and 2nd period they get the gift card, if they are not, it rolls over to the next day and so on and so forth! I think the biggest gift card we have has this year is $25! So come to school and get paid!