Many software issues on a Chromebook can be fixed by erasing it.

The following steps are for erasing a Provo City School District student Chromebook.


  1. While on the login screen press CTRL ,ALT, Shift R
  2. Select: Powerwash then Continue. If the Powerwash option does not appear on the Chromebook, go to the alternate process below instead of steps one and two.
  3. The Chromebook will restore itself to factory default, and go to the Welcome screen.
  4. Continue through the prompts until it asks to connect to the network.
  5. If off district property connect to your home/local internet. Then go to step 8.
  6. Select the network PCSDRepair
  7. Enter the password “provorepair”
  8. If asked, accept the terms and conditions, and allow the software updates.
  9. The Chromebook should automatically re-enroll. If auto-enrollment fails select the enroll manually option, and enter a valid email and password.
  10. Select:Done, when enrollment is complete.
  11. The Chromebook will not go to the login screen
  12. If on district property, select the time in the bottom right corner, The Wifi should automatically move from PCSDRepair to PCDSWifi, this process may take 1-2 minutes. Once this is done the Chromebook is ready to use. Do not manually select PCSDWifi as this may cause the operation to fail and require this process to be restarted.


Erase and Restore a Student Chromebook pdf