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Independence High School

Last modified: September 28, 2021

Why Enroll at Independence?

Our Mission Statement

Independence High School inspires students to be responsible, embrace learning, and become productive citizens. 

Each of us learns in a different way. Some of us love to interact with other students and teachers, while others do better by working independently. Some students learn by listening; others need to “see it” or “experience it” to do well in school. Students with different learning styles may learn best within an alternative structure. Independence High School may be a good choice if:

At Independence High School, our smaller size and focus on each individual student helps you find and use the learning style that works best for you:

Helpful Tips:



To listen, read, write, and speak effectively


To think, reason, analyze, and figure


To acknowledge, support, participate, and lead respectfully

What We Offer To Assist You…

Small Class Sizes

Structured, Safe, Welcoming Environment

Graduation Assistance

Nurturing Atmosphere

Academic Success

Highly Trained Faculty



A class where military techniques teach students leadership and teamwork. Available activities include:


(Mountainlands Applied Technology Center)

IHS students, during their senior year, can earn elective credit towards graduation. A class fee only will be charged – not a registration fee. Students can also apply this elective credit towards certification through MATC in the following career areas:

Computer Industry



After Hours Program

A variety of programs and activities at IHS are also available after hours:

Enrollment at Independence High School