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Brandon’s Environmental Class

Learning Target: I can create and organize an arctic food web.

Success Criteria: I can explain how humans can impact an ecosystem.

Brandon’s Environmental Science classes have been learning about food webs for their basic Ecology unit. But since this is an Environmental science they have also been learning about human impacts on the ecosystem and how we can disrupt the delicate balance and interconnectedness of the food web. If you start removing species (by cutting threads) due to climate change etc. How long before a collapse?

Students also created a large poster of an arctic food web and and had to color code the arrows based on what kind of consumer that organism was. Finally they had to pick 2 different human factors (like oil drilling, over fishing, etc.) and present to the class how those things might impact the arctic and disrupt the food web.

Thanks for sharing your learning! We love having Brandon teach at our school!



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