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Independence High School

Last modified: October 16, 2022

Teacher License Information

Provo City School District employs and supports educators who possess Professional, Associate, and LEA-Specific Educator licenses.

Professional Educator Licenses are awarded to individuals who have completed an Educator Preparation Program through a University Program or through a USBE approved alternative pathway.

Associate Educator licenses are granted to individuals who are working through an approved Educator Preparation Program as an intern candidate, or while they fulfill requirements of an alternative pathway approved by the USBE to individuals who already meet basic educator training and other requirements.

Local Education Agency (LEA) Specific Licenses are requested and approved by local boards of education/districts/charters. Provo City School District may hire individuals and request an LEA Specific License in areas of scarcity, or otherwise difficult to fill positions. LEA Specific Licenses may also be approved for individuals possessing significant industry experience or expertise to teach certain courses and to help students. Each LEA Specific License is evaluated and approved by the PCSD Board of Education in an open meeting.

LEA Specific Licenses may be approved for Elementary, Secondary, Counseling, Social Work, Speech-Language Pathology, and other assignments in all content areas, and endorsements for 1-3 years. At the end of 3 years, each application will be reviewed by the PCSD Board of Education. An LEA Specific License may only be requested for 1 year in the area of Special Education and is not renewable.

More information about the license status of individual educators can be found by using the Educator Look up Tool provided by the USBE.

2020-2021 Teacher Qualifications at Independence High School.

Independence High School

  • FTE (Full-time Equivalency) – 26.412
  • Percent Assignments qualified by Associate Licenses – 0%
  • Percent Assignments qualified by LEA Specific Licenses – 11%
  • Percent Assignments NOT Qualified – 1%
  • Percent Assignments qualified by Professional Licenses – 88%