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Last modified: August 4, 2022

Food and Nutrition 1 2019 2020

Foods and Nutrition l


DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT 2019-20                            Students Name_____________________________

(printed legibly)

Instructor: Sheree Lewis (

Course Title: Foods 1

Credit: CTE ½ credit (1 semester credit)

Course Description: This course is a trimester class. This course is designed to focus on the science of food and nutrition. Experiences will include food safety and sanitation, culinary technology, food preparation and dietary analysis to develop a healthy lifestyle with pathways to career readiness. Laboratory-based experiences strengthen comprehension of concepts and standards outlined in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.


Course Activities:

Demonstrate kitchen safety procedures and sanitation techniques.

Apply the skills of kitchen equipment and management.

Identify the sources and functions of carbohydrates and fiber and apply appropriate food preparation techniques.

Identify the sources and functions of proteins and lipids (fats and oils) and apply appropriate food preparation techniques   Identify the sources and functions of select vitamins, minerals and water and apply appropriate food preparation techniques to

foods high in these nutrients.(Fruits and vegetables)

Explore the current Dietary Guidelines and                                                                                            Evaluate and analyze a personal dietary intake for one or more days according to the dietary guidelines.


This course will consist of a variety of activities including: worksheets, projects, labs, lectures, tests, quizzes, written projects and other positive learning experiences..  Some PG and PG 13 video clips may be shown throughout t the semester to support the curriculum. Students will be required to keep a file of all class projects. If work is left out it will be put in the recycling box.                                                                                       There is a state test for this course.

Attendance:                                                                                                                                                                                                                Students must be on time to class with a writing utensil ready to work.  Sponge activities will begin the first few minutes of class. They can only be made up in after hours.  The school guidelines for tardies, excused and unexcused absences will be followed. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed on days you are absent. When you are in class and chose to not do the assignments or activities), I do not allow make up work.  Labs that are missed, must be made up at home, with no more than 2 labs per hex term allowed for make up. Work for excused absences must be made up within 10 days.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      With trimesters, each hex term is about 6 weeks


Trimester 1 –  8/15/19 – 11/7/19                                           Trimester 2-11/8/19- 2/21/120                           Trimester 3 -2/24/20- 5/22/20

H1.  -8/15/19- 9/24/19                                            H3-11/8/19 – 12/20/19                            H5   -2/24/20 -4/3/20

H2-   9/25/19- 11/7/19                                             H4 –  1/6/20  – 2/21/20                             H6  -4/13/20- 5/22/20



Guidance/Discipline:  This class will operate on the basis of mutual respect.  The first discipline infraction will result in a classroom time out.  The second will result in time out in another teacher’s classroom.  The third infraction will result in being sent to the office. No electronics or hats are allowed in my classroom. Students who are not following safety rules or who are wasting supplies will not be allowed to use school equipment/supplies.

Grading:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Students will be graded in these areas:, classroom participation and behavior,  projects and daily work.( worksheets, tests, etc.)                                                                              Grading Scale

If a student is failing the parents will be notified before the term is over.

93-100% A               92-90 % A-

87 -89% B+             83-86 % B                  80-82%  B-.

77-79% C+               73-76 % C                70-72% C-

67-69% D+               63-66% D              60-62% D-

Assignments: All work must be legible and must include name, date and class period, or NO credit will be given.  Assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of the class period they are due.

All work is to be placed in YOUR personal folder.   I will not grade your work if it is in someone else’s folder or in the wrong class period’s box


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