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Independence High School

Last modified: August 4, 2022

English 9

Classroom Philosophy
The environment created in this classroom will be built on mutual respect, honesty, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Each student will be respected and treated equally. Everyday is important for the student’s success. My number one goal is for each student to know more about English than they did before they came into my classroom. There are several key factors that contribute to the environment needed.

Attendance, Assignments, and Exams
The attendance policy is based on Provo School District policy. All work can be made up, but deadlines will apply. Ask when an assignment is due if you are not sure.

Late work will be accepted, but at a reduction of 10%. If a student chooses to not work in a class he or she may not get to make up that assignment. All exams can be retaken (or re-written) if completed or turned in on the due date. There will be a reduction in the total amount of points the student can earn. There will be extra credit assignments available for students that are not missing any work. The goal is for learning to occur and re-working an assignment is encouraged. If done in advance, special circumstances can apply to the dates assignments are due.

Students will be expected to participate in class. This may include but is not limited to class discussions, group work, and presentations. Students are expected to listen and speak as part of the curriculum of English 9.


Occasionally a movie or clip of a movie might be shown in class to further illustrate the concepts that are learned in class. There will never be an R rated movie or clip, but there may be a PG or PG-13 movie or clip shown. If you do not want your student to view any movie in class, please let me know. Students will be watching Romeo and Juliet, Tomorrowland, Life of Pi, and The Outsiders during the course of English 9.



All district and school rules apply in this classroom. There are four basic rules for this classroom.

Be respectful of others and property
Be honest
Be prepared
Be responsible
Grade Break Down

93-100 = A

90-92.5 = A-

87-89.5 = B+

83-86.5 = B

80-82.5 = B-

77-79.5 = C+

73-76.5 = C

70-72.5 = C-

69 and below = F