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Last modified: August 4, 2022

United States Government Syllabus John Wilder

Instructor: John Wilder
Room 105

American Government is a required class for graduation. This class will also help prepare students to take a government test  that is also required for graduation. This course is designed to help students gain an understanding and appreciation for the creation, form and function of the American Government. It should give them a desire and knowledge of how they can participate in civic life in the the US. This course will touch on the creation of the Constitution. This includes knowledge of the principles found in the Constitution and the people who helped inspire those principles. We will look at the rights that citizens have in the US as well as the responsibilities that citizens have in order to keep our system running. Another topic that this class will focus on is the structure of government. This includes the three branches of our government and how they work and interact with each other through the Constitutional principle of Checks and Balances. We will also study how local and state government are often times the most influential government in a citizens life and we will study the form and function of these governments as well. Finally this class will analyze other countries governments and will compare them with our own.