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Independence High School

During Grant’s  math class students at Independence High School were challenged to solve a real world problem.  The cooking class wanted to smoke 6 lbs of Salmon Fillets that they received as a donation.  The problem: Six pounds of weight might cause the rack to bend and spill the food into the ashes of their BBQ smoker.  That would be a waste.  Their task was to build a support structure using common kitchen items that would hold the rack up and still allow the smoke to circulate freely over the fillets.

First they visualized and decided that bread pans turned upside down on the lower grill would be a good start towards supporting the upper rack.  Then they measured and calculated how much taller the structure needed to be.  The math said they needed something that was 2.75 inches tall to place on top of the bread pans.  It turned out that a cake pan rim had just the right height.  Once the support structure was built under the rack, the salmon was loaded and cured in the converted BBQ smoker. Damian Beltran is shown solving the problem on the board and then he points to the solution in its real world application.  Damian later served smoked salmon to his fellow peers afterschool in cooking class.



Summer school classes will not be held on Wednesday, June 19 due to the Juneteenth holiday.  There will only be three days of classes on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday for the week of June 17 to...

Summer School Dates & Times June 3 - June 27: Monday - Thursday; 8:30 - 11:30 & 12:00 - 3:00 July 1 - July 31: Tuesday & Wednesday as needed for Seniors only Students can attend...

Our 2024 graduation will be held May 23rd at 7 pm.  Weather permitting we will meet behind the school on the field. All graduates need to be at graduation practice at 10 am.  They also need to...