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This year the district has been interviewing different teachers from around the district asking them why they got into teaching and why they teach. We decided to do the same around our school! Here are a few of the teachers we have interviewed thus far:

Alice Ficklin

“For me, teaching isn’t just about my subject, Health and Physical Education.  When asked what I teach, I often say “I teach students.”  My students are the reason I have stuck with teaching the past 17 years.  To see them open up, when they have a hard time doing so, is so rewarding.  It is also rewarding to see the look of pride when they accomplish something they didn’t think they could.  And truly biggest reward is when I see them walk across our gym’s stage and receive their high school diploma. I hope I give them many more skills than how to stay healthy, or how to play sports.  I hope I show them they are important and have much to give to our community.”

Carmen Williams

“I teach to make a difference in the lives of children who need a little extra help in school.  My students may have special needs but they can accomplish all they set out to do in life with a little guidance.  I love being a part of their journey!”

Brandon Barth 

“I teach because I had great exemplars and roll models of what good teachers were, my passion for earth and space fostered by my grandpa who was also an earth science teacher and by great television like Star Trek (haha), and developing a love of teaching youth through being a summer camp counselor. All these things came together and helped me realize there was no better place or profession for me than teaching high school earth and environmental science. It was the accumulation of everything I loved in one place! And I knew while I might not make the big bucks, I would always be happy and love my job. :)”

Gina Solis 

“I love teaching English because I get to share my love of language and how powerful language is in our lives.”




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