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On Friday, September 7th all of Colonel Miller and Sargent Lyon’s JROTC students crossed the Provo River. They did this by hanging from a rope tied  between two trees across the river. The students learned how to tie knots and work together as a team. They learned how to harness themselves to the rope and cross hand over hand to the other side. Some students were scared to cross, but the encouragement from other students helped to get everyone safely over the river.

A senior, Edgar, has been in the JROTC program for 4 years. He remembers back to his freshman year being very nervous to cross the river. He was scared that he might fall into the river and get soaked! This year he was able to help students who were scared because he knows how it feels. He was able to give younger students confidence that everything would be ok!

This activity is just one of many that helps Independence High School JROTC students learn how to become good leaders and have good communication skills. The JROTC program helps students learn the Army values which include loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

We are so lucky to have this program at our school! Our students love JROTC and the skills that they are learning will be ones that last a lifetime!




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