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Independence High School

Last modified: October 16, 2022

Closed Campus

Independence High is committed to providing a safe learning environment.

Regulating the persons who come onto Independence High’s campus is a necessary step to providing such an environment.

  1. The fence to the South, the ridgeline to the East and North, and Independence Avenue to the West bind Independence High School grounds. Until 3:30 P.M., Reams Wilderness Park is considered a part of Independence High by both the city and the school.
  2. Visitors are welcome at Independence High, but must check in at the front office. Persons who do not check in, who do not have permission to enter the school grounds, who do not leave when asked, or who have been suspended, are guilty of trespassing and will be prosecuted.
  3. Once a student arrives on the school grounds, whether or not the school day or the student’s classes have begun, the student must immediately enter the building and remain there until the school day is over.
  4. During lunch, at the discretion of the principal, the pavilion may be used as a commons area.
  5. During the school day, students must remain in the building. The parking lot areas and the Reams Wilderness Park are off limits.
  6. Students whose guardians check them out of school, or students who receive express permission from an administrator, may leave the building.
  7. Students who check out during the school day may not return to school that day unless the excuse was for court, doctor or dentist appointment, or for a verified family or personal emergency.