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Last modified: February 23, 2023

Cell Phone Policy

PDF Electronic Devices Policy 2022-2023

Electronic Devices Policy

Students at Independence High School are encouraged to develop life skills and habits that promote success in life.  Cell phones and other electronic devices have become increasingly more common than in past educational eras.  According to a San Diego State University study (2018) “Less phone use leads to increased happiness among teens.”  Another study found that excessive cell phone use “leads to poor attention and control” and students are “more vulnerable to distractions” (Lamotee, 2017).  The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that “too much screen time can place your student at risk…for negative performance at school.” (Howard, 2018).  We care about our students, the relationships they build, and their academic progress towards graduation.  To promote the success of our students at Independence High School the following guidelines are in place:


  • Cell phones, wireless earbuds, headphones, and other electronic devices are not permitted during class.
  • Classroom and instruction time (including in hallways and bathrooms) are considered “red” no phone zones, whereas the lunchroom and hallways before school/after school/ during passing periods are considered “green” phone use zones.
  • As students enter a classroom, they will place their cell phone and electronic devices in a secure location “rest area” or “parking lot” provided by the teacher.
  • Parents, guardians, and other agencies wishing to contact a student during the school day are encouraged to call the main office to speak with their student; the main office will bring the student to the main office for the call.

Further information

  • Students and classes that follow the above expectations will be celebrated with current IHS incentive programs.
  • If a student fails to follow the above expectations and the cell phone or electronic device is seen in a “red” no phone zone, the student will be sent to the office.
  • Continued infractions will result in an individual student cell phone and electronic device contract.

We are confident that students will learn more from class, build better relationships, and develop healthier habits around cell phone use by abiding by this policy.


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