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Independence High School

Last modified: October 16, 2022

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones or any electronic device should not disrupt the learning environment. Students may ONLY use Electronic devices before school, during lunch, passing periods, and after school. Students may NOT use cell phones in the hallway during class time or in class at ANY time. I.H.S. personnel reserve the right to enforce all electronic policies on field trips or school sponsored off-campus activities. If students use electronic devices during prohibited times, the phone will be confiscated and given to administration. Students will be held accountable to currently existing laws with regard to being in the possession of inappropriate images and pictures on their cell phones. Access, distribution, or the creation of images depicting alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs will be prosecuted. Similarly, sexually explicit images such as pornography in any form are prohibited and will result in a referral to local police for criminal charges. Students who refuse to give staff cell phones are in violation of Safe School Policy Level 1-6 INSUBORDINATION.

  • 1st Offense: Cell phone returned to student after school by administration.
  • 2nd Offense: Cell phone returned to parent/guardian only by administration.
  • 3rd Offense: Phone will be returned after 6 days and a disorderly conduct will be filed with the school officer.
  • 4th Offense: Loss of cell phone privileges for remainder of the school year.