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You don’t call

You don’t write

I miss your hugs

Your laugh

Your smile

Although you’re not dead it feels like you are.

Haven’t seen you in years but once in awhile

I hear about you

Don’t worry I’m fine mom feeds me

Takes care of me buys clothes for me

Step dad is there when I need a

Boy to man talk

So it’s ok

The pain is like getting hit with a rubber band

Hurts a lot at first but then you don’t feel it anymore but thanks

When mom was alone I had to find out how to be a

Man, now I have some one

To show me the right way

That belonged to you but things change like the weather

One day sunny the next raining

Although I wish that you can

Call me to say happy birthday that’s alright I understand that you

Have a little girl to take care of.

Wow it’s been about 10 years

You don’t call

You don’t write

And now you have no son.

And know he’s turning 18
By: Isael

In my past life,

I was a cheetah:

Free to run anywhere

As fast as I can,

Pouncing on my prey,

Never hungry,

I bask in the sun,

Relaxed and content.

In my past life,

I was sunset.

I controlled

The end of the day.

I was beautiful.

Everyone watched me.

People fell in love under me.

In my past life,

I was a horse,




People wanted me.

They wanted to

Feel what it was like

To be me.

In my past life,

I was a cloud.

I watched people die,

And I cried.

I watched people fall

In love,

And I smiled.

In my current life,

I am 16

And a girl.

I am smart.

I have gone through

Hell (some hard times)

And back.

Yet I am still here.

In this life,

I am a fighter.

By Catie


I come from a long line of


A long line of leaders

And eagles

Who soar to new hights.

I come from a long line of teachers

Who pass on the lessons they have learned.

I come from a long line of farmers

Who care for those around them.

I come from

A long line

That continues to grow

Even after the snow has melted.

I come from a long line of strong wills

And even stronger hearts for others.
By Wyatt


Black sounds loud as thunder

Black tastes like 100 year old licorice

Black feels like a thorn in your hand

Black smells like fruit rotting

Black grows where love isn’t

Black lives in everybody

Black hides from the caring

Black walks like a star sleeping in the sky

Black talks with an awful voice

Black likes the dark nights with the bright full moon

Black sleeps in a coffin at daylight

Black dreams of the world without a sun


Color Poem by Jose


To My Xbox One

Thank you for playing with me

For never freezing during game play

No lag

Thank you, xbox, for being strong

Unlike a PS4

For an Xbox is better

Thank you for having a strong wifi connection

When I am playing online

For my skills get better

Thank you for making me so good

That is makes people mad

They call me a “hacker”

By Tony


Where I come from…

I come from a long line of hard workers,

Of rich and successful people, but at some point poor.

A long line of strong but also fragile people,

If we want something we work hard to get it.

A long line of sacrifice,

But always willing to keep going.

We break the rules to make way and try something different.

A line of some anger issues,

Talking our minds, and tell how it is.

A line of political power (not so much now).

Where family comes before anything, supportive and helpful people.

By Daniel


I am…

I am homeless

I wonder what it’s like to have what’s needed

I hear people talking

I see people avoid me

I want another chance

I am a menace to society


I pretend to see hope

I feel misunderstood

I touch what I have left

I worry about tomorrow

I cry about today

I am a human being


I understand my mistakes of yesterday

I say things are okay

I dream about a better tomorrow

I try to be a better me

I hope for another chance

I am a person too

By Andy


In my past life…

I was a lion

My voice would be loud as a roar

I would be protective with loved ones

I would be the king who everyone went up against


I used to be a cheetah

I would imagine I ran faster than a car

No one would catch up with me

I was the king of speed


I used to be a waterfall

I would come down hard still look amazing

Anything that stood below me I would push it

Beneath the ground


I am an artist

I’m creative like gods sing

Mountains the whole earth

I imagine myself as a cartoon

Funny, evil, strong, brave, sweet

By Carlos


She is gone

her family cries for their loss

her friends miss her energy


she is gone

no more games of baseball

no more hours of television


she is gone

she can’t go to prom

she can’t start a family


she is gone

what happened to her?

who did this to her?


she is gone

oh, she isn’t dead

depression just killed her soul

By Melanie


Summer school classes will not be held on Wednesday, June 19 due to the Juneteenth holiday.  There will only be three days of classes on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday for the week of June 17 to...

Summer School Dates & Times June 3 - June 27: Monday - Thursday; 8:30 - 11:30 & 12:00 - 3:00 July 1 - July 31: Tuesday & Wednesday as needed for Seniors only Students can attend...

Our 2024 graduation will be held May 23rd at 7 pm.  Weather permitting we will meet behind the school on the field. All graduates need to be at graduation practice at 10 am.  They also need to...