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Last modified: August 4, 2022

Advisory Syllabus

Advisory is a class period which occurs Monday – Thursday with the primary purpose of helping students to succeed in their high school career and to connect with their teachers and peers. As part of the Advisory class, teachers will monitor student grades weekly and keep track of progress toward graduation. Advisory is also a time for counselors and other professionals to address students to help them with life and career planning.

Students will be expected to be in their assigned class and to participate in the class to which they have been assigned. Teachers may cover specific topics each day, and it will be the student’s responsibility to make up any missing work. Students who are missing three or more assignments will be referred to the school’s after-school make-up (see school policy for details).

There will be a whole grade activity at least once per term. This will be a team building activity that each student must participate in. An additional activity will be available to students who maintain and are passing six of their eight classes.

Grading will be based on satisfactory participation in classes and all assignments, as well as working to maintain their grades in all other classes. Students will earn .25 elective credit per semester.