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Bigfoot The Creature by Adam

Bigfoot is a creature

Tall, broad, with matted fur

Louder than concert speakers

Of any you have heard

He prowls the forest at night

Waiting for his prey

Having a full stomach

Sleeping in the day

Faster than a cheetah

More cunning than a fox

Always has a hiding place

No wonder he’s not been caught

He roams the endless land

Having nowhere to go

He lives each day like it’s his last

Or at least he told me so

But never is he sad

For having zero stress

No responsibilities

Being him must be the best


I Am Making A House by Jacqueline

I am making a house

With my own two hands.

I am making a house with big windows

Of dark glass

Looking across the lonely neighborhood.

There is a special place

For the people I love for them to laugh

And get along like always

The kids running around where we can watch them.

There is loud music playing

You can hear that Mexican Rhythm

The songs from when I was a Kid

And Everything is so peaceful.

I am building a house with love,

Where everyone I love is welcome anytime,

Whenever they want.

Rooms with peaceful colors.

The house with the big kitchen

Where my mom enjoys to be

Where the food tasted the best

And the view from the back yard is Pretty.

There is a table by the living room

With the album I made

Where I can be happy by looking at my siblings pictures

It’s just something I enjoy to do.

At night I sleep with my warm blanket

That even to feel good I have to take a leg out

Or even open the window to feel good.

My house is constructed from all the love My parents gave me

From the things I enjoyed as a Child

From the memories I’ll always have.




There are many exciting activities and essential resources available this summer! From engaging family programs to vital community services, there’s something for everyone in our...

Summer school classes will not be held on Wednesday, June 19 due to the Juneteenth holiday.  There will only be three days of classes on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday for the week of June 17 to...

Summer School Dates & Times June 3 - June 27: Monday - Thursday; 8:30 - 11:30 & 12:00 - 3:00 July 1 - July 31: Tuesday & Wednesday as needed for Seniors only Students can attend...