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Yesterday our students were able to participate in an exciting and relatively rare astronomical event: The Transit of Mercury! This is when the angle of Earth compared to Mercury is just right that with a telescope and solar filter we can see Mercury passing in front of the sun! The next one visible from North American won’t occur until 2049 so it was an exciting opportunity. We are so grateful to Brandon for setting up the telescopes and for sharing his love of Astronomy with all of us here at Independence High School!


There are many exciting activities and essential resources available this summer! From engaging family programs to vital community services, there’s something for everyone in our...

Summer school classes will not be held on Wednesday, June 19 due to the Juneteenth holiday.  There will only be three days of classes on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday for the week of June 17 to...

Summer School Dates & Times June 3 - June 27: Monday - Thursday; 8:30 - 11:30 & 12:00 - 3:00 July 1 - July 31: Tuesday & Wednesday as needed for Seniors only Students can attend...