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Blocksi is a new tool being used in Provo City School District schools to help teachers manage Chromebooks in the classroom to keep students safe and enhance the learning environment. Blocksi also has a Parent Portal that helps parents have control and information about student use of school Chromebooks while at home.

Registering and Set Up: Blocksi Parent Portal
Please navigate to the Blocksi website and click on the Register here link.

Enter your information to create a parent account. This includes your own email account and your student’s account. If possible, you should use the same personal email that the school has in your student record to communicate with you. This will allow the system and school to match you as a parent to your student.

Once logged in you will see the dashboard view. If your email matches the main contact listed for your student in PowerSchool, then you should be granted access. If the system does not recognize your email, you will see your student’s email listed with a red ”Waiting for Validation” status. At this point, you will need to wait for the school Blocksi team to validate that you are the appropriate parent for the student account listed. If you have multiple students, you may add additional student accounts on this page.

Once it has been validated, the status will change to green “Validated” and you will be able to use the tool.

Blocksi Parent Functions

Please note – These functions will work when a school device is outside of the school network. Parents will not be able to control devices when they are at school.

Pause the internet – On the main dashboard page, you may click the switch to pause the internet for particular users. While this switch is flipped, the device will not work.

Create Block List – You may create a list of sites that you would like to block from use. These are in addition to sites blocked by the PCSD Content filter. All sites blocked at school will automatically be blocked on school Chromebooks at home. The Allow function is not supported in our district as we are not able to allow sites through Blocksi that are otherwise blocked by our filter.

  1. Use the Exceptions List menu from the left menu and enter a name and create a new list. Then hit the pencil icon to edit the list
  2. On the edit page, you may add sites you would like to block on the list. For example, we allow a restricted set of videos from YouTube. If you wanted to block all of YouTube, you could block that here.
  3. Return to the main dashboard page to apply that Block list for your student by using the pulldown menu under Exception list.

Access Time Control – Create a Bedtime

  1. Use the Access Time Control menu item from the left menu and enter a name and create a new ATC. Then hit the pencil icon to edit the ATC.
  2. Highlight the boxes in red that correspond to hours where you wish the Chromebook to be unavailable. You may drag over several boxes or click them one at a time.
  3. You will notice other grayed out menu items at the top of the display for “Facebook, YouTube, Streaming, Gaming, Social Media.” Because those are all either partially or completely blocked by the district content filter, they are not available to control for parents in Provo.
  4. Return to the main dashboard page to apply the Access Time Control for your student.

Insights- This tab allows you as a parent to see information about your student’s web use.

  1. The Web Analytics tab will show popular websites visited and search engine queries that your student may have attempted. Note that if you have multiple students you need to switch students in the lower right corner, but it will show your displayed student in the upper left corner.
  2. If you click on the Web Analytics in the upper left corner, a pop down menu will allow you to choose YouTube, Logs, or a download feature. On The YouTube Video Analytics, you will see Videos accessed.

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